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Our resources, today, cover more than the 90% of digital world market, with a selection of the most clicked platforms! Titanium Digitals digitalizes and puts on line labels, distributors and independent artists’ audio and video content, with technics recognize all over the world.
Every content will be valued and approved by an artistic committee, formed established by professional of music sector. In less than one week the content will is proposed worldwide on legal download platforms. Maximum time of reaction: 30 days !

Titanium Digitals proposes an EXCLUSIVE contract of digital distribution on his partner platforms. Titanium Digitals will pay the 70% of every selling made by an artist/label !
To offer the best quality service, a small fee of 29 USD is asked just once !(secure payment with

The royalties will be payed once per month and, thanks to the statistics offered, it will be possible to check the status of selling by continent !

If you are a label, an artist, a distributor or a producer, sign up today, and you will receive the distribution contract by the 24 hours ! Our success, it is yours !

Signing with Titanium Digitals today, your content will be commercialized tomorrow!
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    Summer Sax

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    Nico Ortiz

    Viva La Revolution

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    Dj Gee

    Real Feel

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    The TwinsBrothers

    feat Anyzette

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